Energized by the funky sounds of 1970´s West Africa, Flammer Dance Band, truly are a Dance Band! Combining steady infectious dirty funk grooves with raw impulsive psychedelic energy to create a unique live experience. Vintage synths, space out effects, and crazy vocals! Hip shaking grooves, and headbanging breaks! Tight ass rhythm, and quality musicianship, with the freedom, spontaneity and energy of a jam band. An ever changing live show, no two performances are the same. This original 7 piece funk extravaganza is not be missed! Now currently touring in Europe….

“Taking their cues from a seventies musical palette, but re-contextualising it in the era of DJs, Flammer Dance Band have created a new kind of fusion, indicative of the kaleidoscopic musical environment in Oslo.”

– Jaeger Oslo



“A truly raw and authentic sounding Afro-funk Lp which brings new life to the existing cannon through some skilled and inspired musicianship and some brilliant writing. Fela eat you heart out! Aprecursor to, I imagine, an ambitious tour schedule; I´m already craving to see these perform live.” 

– Picadilly Records

“so intuitive and natural, that it’s hard to believe anything was composed, sounding instead like the Flammer crew tapped into some rich cosmic funk flow and merely pressed record as they channeled its timeless and universal energy.” 

– The Sun Lounge

“The spiralling rhythms and sonic melee that ensues when the needle touches the record, takes the audience on a cosmic journey, but as their name suggests, this isn’t some introspective jam session, but rather something more inclusive, a dance record.”

– Jaeger Oslo

Reviews : Jaeger Oslo / The Sun Lounge / Flea Market Funk

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